Management Consultancy


  • Is your organization making an impact?
  • Are you making data-driven decisions that promote successful and sustainable programs?
  • Do you need to collect evidence of impact, but don’t know where to begin?
  • Do you want to bring evaluation strategies to your organization, but are having difficulty getting others to support this direction?

Pulse works with our clients to provide valuable insights based on quality research and evaluation services. We truly listen to the unique needs of our clients and provide consulting services that improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Our services include, but are not

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Our consulting services can help your organization develop and implement effective programs, hire, select, and retain talented staff, guide organizational change efforts, strengthen research and evaluation capacity with technical assistance, and disseminate and report findings.


  • Organizational development – organizational effectiveness and efficiency, organizational culture / climate, organizational change
  • Program development and implementation – strategic planning, management, and visioning, effective and sustainable programs, implementation quality and fidelity
  • Technical assistance – evaluation capacity building, research and evaluation training
  • Reports – executive summaries, summary of findings, comprehensive reports, grants
  • Dissemination strategies – outreach, data visualization, webinars, newsletters