• How do you know the services your organization provides are effective?
  • How do you quantify, measure, and increase your impact?
  • How do you track and monitor your outcomes?
  • How do you interpret results?

Pulse can help answer these difficult questions and provide your organization with valuable insight.Whether your organization needs to design a study, your business wants to investigate and leverage your customers, your organization feels lost in data, or your organization needs results you can trust – Pulse can help!

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Our evaluation services can help you track your outcomes, assess how well your programs and services are working, identify areas for growth and improvement, and make a bigger impact in the communities you serve!


  • Program evaluation – research design and planning, logic models, formative and summative evaluations, process / outcome / impact evaluation plans,
  • Organizational assessment – identification of strengths and areas for improvement, organizational audits, diagnostics, customer satisfaction surveys
  • Data tracking – dashboards, tracking tools, monitoring systems
  • Grant reporting – progress and annual reports for funders that require an external evaluator