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Practice areas

Pulse Kenya Consults provides quality services in three key areas: Research, Evaluation, and Management Consulting. As a company that works primarily in the social science sector, our team leverages expertise in quality research and evaluation approaches to guide and coach our clients towards results that matter. We help our clients go from outputs to outcomes to impact! We help our clients tell their story with meaningful data and we work with our clients to collect evidence that shows how they make a difference!


Pulse provides clients with a variety of professional and customized services that facilitate, strengthen, and promote effective organizational practices. We represent an integrated team of non-profit professionals who focus on helping organizations achieve optimum results through collaboration, innovation, and strategy. Pulse is a results-driven company that works with our clients to grow in their research and evaluation capacity. We are committed to cultivating strong client relationships based on integrity, commitment, and a shared project vision.


We work with our clients to develop the best data collection method and analyze all data using appropriate statistical methods. Pulse works with our clients to thoroughly, objectively, and accurately measure and quantify their impact. We believe in developing strong and lasting relationships with our clients built on trust, mutual respect, and collaboration. We bring our expertise in research and evaluation and let our clients bring their subject matter expertise to each project. Through regular and consistent communication, we keep our clients updated about every facet of the project.


Our research services can help your organization collect quality data, interpret your results, develop and validate your measures, and identify best practices.


Our evaluation services can help your organization measure your impact, improve your programming, and monitor your outcomes.


Our consulting services can help your organization develop and implement effective programs, strengthen your research and evaluation capacity.